The Iranian History 323 BC


Alexander Dies In Babylon

Jun, 11, 323 BC

Roxana was the daughter of a Sogdian nobleman named Oxyartes who was killed by Alexander. After his father's death, Roxanne became the official wife of Macedonian Alexander. People speculate that Roxana caused Alexander's early death in 323BC.Alexander the Great who put an end to the Persian Achaemenid Empire died in Babylon. There's a rumor that Roxana, the daughter of Persian Satrapy he married gave him a disease. His general Perdiccas became the regent of all of Alexander's empire, while Alexander's physically and mentally disabled half-brother Arrhidaeus was chosen as the next king under the name Philip 3 of Macedon. Alexander's unborn child from Roxana was also named his father's successor.
War began when Perdiccas sent Alexander's corpse to Macedonia to be buried. Ptolemy, however, captured the body and took it to Alexandria. Perdiccas and his troops followed him to Egypt. After the assassination of Perdiccas, the most powerful man in the empire was Antipatros. In a gathering in Triparadisus, the empire of Alexander was partitioned again in 321 B.C.
Alexander's empire was then divided into three parts. Macedonia, Egypt, and Asia ruled by Seleucus. Seleucus took Babylon from Docimus in 320 B.C. Babylon had a sizable population of Macedonian and Greek veterans of Alexander's army. Seleucus managed to win over the priests and created the Seleucid Empire which became continuation of the Persian Empire. (Updated: Aug, 13, 2008)

Sisygambis Passes Away

Jun, 16, 323 BC

Family of Achaemenid king Dariush the 3d became captive after the Battle of Issus with Macedonian Alexander. Dariush deserted the battlefield leaving behind his wife Statira, his mother Sisygambis, and his daughters Barsineh and Drypteis.Sisygambis, the mother of Dariush 3rd passed away five days after Alexander's death. She who had given birth to seven sons and seen their death, must have lived a painful life. When she was young, Artaxerxes 3 had killed all his brothers and nephews during a power struggle. Then she witnessed fall of the Persian empire and she was taken captive together with her daughters : Barsineh and Drypetis, and her daughter-in-law Statira, and his five year old grandson Ochus. At the time Alexander, a homosexual warrior called himself son of god, he kept himself busy with destroying cities, plundering civilians and raping captive children. But he died like anyone else; thus leaving the empire in civil wars and more bloodshed that lasted for more than 300 years. (Updated: Jan, 31, 2008)

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