The Iranian History 343 BC


Second Persian Occupation Of Egypt

Jul, 6, 343 BC

Artaxerxes III Chariot CoinNakhthorhebe gave sacrifices to gods on this full moon night to help him in the war with Artaxerxes 3 Ochus. The Persian king was determined to get back Egypt after 60 years and finally succeeded by help from Bagoas and Mentor of Rhodes. However, he disrespected Egyptian religion and traditions; killed Apis and became hated throughout Egypt. His Accession in March 358 after killing his own brothers gave him a bad reputation at home also. Athens, in 355 submitted again after receiving a letter from the king. In 346, a rebellion in Phoenicia was suppressed and desperate Sidonians set fire to their own city. Artaxerxes 3 was poisoned by Bagoas and died in September 336 B.C. All his sons also became victims of their father's bloody record and were killed after his death. (Updated: Jan, 10, 2008)

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