The Iranian History 449 BC


Callias Teaty Ends Greco Persian Wars

Oct, 25, 449 BC

A historical Perspolis column is used as a seat at the entrance of a mosqueAfter a series of battles between Persians and Greeks that lasted for almost half a century, an Athenian statesman named Callias was sent to Susa to offer peace in.449 B.C. King Artaxerxes I approved the terms and the Callias Peace Treaty was signed between Greece and Iran. According to this treaty, the Delos Union was to be discontinued while Iran recognized regional independence of the Delian League and its members and accepted to send no warships into Greek waters, while Athens agreed not to interfere with Persian influence in Ionian states in Asia Minor, Cyprus, and Egypt. Ionian states were given the right to govern their own cities by electing state committees but the Delos Union continued to operate against Persians.
There was a stable peace between Persians and Greeks until the end of the century when Peloponnesian Wars began. Persians started assisting Spartans against the Greek until Athens was destroyed. No more Greek forces challenged Persia for almost 60 years until Phillip 2 of Macedon formed a new alliance and set in motion an invasion of the western part of Asia Minor in 338 BC. (Updated: Jan, 23, 2009)

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