The Iranian History 614 BC


Iranians Conquer Assyria

Aug, 7, 614 BC

Dungeon of MedesAfter Khashtrita's death in 625 B.C., his son Hoakhtar became king of Iran. Ashur Banipal of Assyria who had destroyed Elam died in 633 B.C and his son Etil Ilani was king for 4 years until Sinshum Lishir toppled him with the help of Nabo Pulassar, the Lydian king who became ruler of Babylon.
Sinshum Lishir soon was killed by Sinshar Ishkun, Nabo Pulassar opt out of Assyrian treaty and became allies with Hoakhtar, the king of Medes. Babylon won all wars with Assyria in 616 and 615 B.C. and extended it's borders until Kerkuk. Hoakhtar's allied forces entered Mesopotamia and soon reached the sacred city of Assyria which was fortified with high towers and surrounded by a deep trench and the city was captured even before Nabo Pulassar's forces' arrival. Assyrian king managed to escape to Nineveh. Pulassar visited Hoakhtar in his headquarters and sealed again their alliance by a marriage between his son Nebu Chadnezzar and Hoakhtar's daughter Amatis. When Nebu Chadnezzar became king, he ordered building famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon for his wife which used to be one of seven wonders of the ancient world. (Updated: Dec, 4, 2007)

English-Persian Glossary
  • Nebu Chadnezzar : نبو خادناصر(Nabo Khadnassar, Nebuchadnezzar)
  • Sinshum Lishir : سين شوم لي شير(Sin-shumu-lishir,Sin-shum-lishir)
  • Sinshar Ishkun : سين شار ايشکون(Sin-?ar-i?kun)
  • Ashur Banipal : آشور بانيپال(Ashurbanipal) Media_Files
  • Nabo Pulassar : نبو پولاصر(Nebopolassar)
  • Mesopotamia : بين النهرين(Beynolnahrain) ميان‌رودان Media_Files
  • Khashtrita : خشتريته(Madius the Scythian)
  • Etil Ilani : اتيل ايلاني(Ashur-Etil-Ilani)
  • Assyrian : آسوري Media_Files
  • Hoakhtar : هوخشتر(Kiaksar, Cyaxares, Uksatar, Umakishtar) کيخسرو
  • Nineveh : نينوا(Neynava)
  • Assyria : آشور(Ashur,Athura) Media_Files
  • Babylon : بابل Media_Files
  • Amatis : امه ايتيش- آماتيس(Amaitish, Amytis, Amitis)
  • Kerkuk : کرکوک(Kirkuk, Karkuk)
  • Medes : مادها(Media, Mada) Media_Files
  • Ashur : آشور(Assyria) Media_Files
  • Elam : ايلام(Ilam) Media_Files
  • Iran : ايران Media_Files

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