The Iranian History 628 BC


Happy Zoroaster Birthday

Mar, 26, 628 BC

Yazd Dowlatabad Fire TempleZoroaster is the most ancient prophet and the only one who rose from Arians. There are disputes on his year of birth; some believe he was born 6000 years B.C. but most agree on the same day, 6th of Farvardin as the day of his birth. He was the founder of Zoroastrian religion which progressed through centuries in several volumes of Avesta, the holly book. Zoroaster's basic teaching were simple and effective: "Good thoughts, Good words, Good deeds" Many of the sources of Zoroastrian religion had been destroyed and burnt but people of Iran have kept the light alive in their hearts despite destruction of their fire temples all around Iran. Avesta remains the only divine book not to mention slavery and Iranians prohibited this practice until the end of Sassanid era. (Updated: Dec, 4, 2007)

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