The Iranian History 199 AD


Khazars Pushed Back North Of Darband

Jul, 26, 199 AD

Parthian king Balash 5 Coin.Balash IV sent a peace messenger to Roman Emperor Severus in 199 AD, and then started on an expedition that forced Khazars to flee from the Caspian Sea region to the north of Darband in Caucasia.The Khazars were gradually invading the coastal areas by the Caspian Sea while Iran was under threat by the Roman emperor Severus forces. Romans often used Khazar mercenaries to attack Iran. Balash 5 set his priority to clear the region from Khazars who were jeopardizing settlements and their presence had a bad impact on economy.
Khazars lived in small tribes in tents and could attack and plunder villages before supportive forces could arrive. This fact forced villagers, mostly farmers to prefer living near big cities or castles therefore not being able to perform agricultural activities.
Balash IV sent a peace messenger to Severus, and then started on an expedition that forced Khazars to flee from the region to the north of Darband in Caucasia.
But Severus used the occasion and broke the peace and captured the Parthian capital Tisfun in 199, capturing many Parthians and selling them into slavery.
In 202 peace was restored with the Roman Empire, and Khazars, together with Avars, Bulgarians and Huns migrated from central Asia towards Europe. After the residents in Kiev destroyed last remaining Khazars, they did not actually exist in the 16th century when Russian empire put their name on the Caspian Sea probably for political purposes. For some reason, Iranians still call the Caspian Sea, the Khazar Sea.
According to some historians Khazars are indeed the ancestors of the Ashkenazi Jews distributed throughout Eastern Europe (Updated: Jan, 25, 2008)

English-Persian Glossary
  • Khazar Sea : درياي خزر Media_Files
  • Parthian : اشکاني پارتي Media_Files
  • Caucasia : قفقاز(Kafkas,Kafkasia)
  • Balash 5 : بلاش پنچم(Vologases V of Parthia) Media_Files
  • Severus : سوروس
  • Darband : دربند Media_Files
  • Caspian : کاسپين(Caspian Sea, Mazandaran, Khazar Sea) بحر خزر، درياي مازندران Media_Files
  • Russian : روسي Media_Files
  • Tisfun : تيسفون(Ctesiphon, Tisfoun) مدائن Media_Files
  • Khazar : خزر
  • Roman : رومي Media_Files
  • Kiev : کيو
  • Asia : آسيا
  • Huns : هونها(Hephtalites)
  • Iran : ايران Media_Files

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