The Iranian History 302 AD


Hormazd 2. Becomes King

Sep, 7, 302 AD

Sassanid Hormazd II CoinHormazd 2 (302-309), son of Narsi becomes new Sassanid king on Sep, 7, 302 A.D.. Hormazd 2. was the eighth Persian king of the Sassanid Empire, and reigned for seven years and five months, from 302 to 309.
After his death, his unborn child Shapour 2 was declared king. The queen, while still pregnant, was made to wear a crown over her belly so that the baby would be born as a king. His elder sons were either killed or put in prison.
One of his sons, Hormazd escaped from prison in 323 with the help of his wife, and found refuge at the court of Constantine I (324-337) . In 363, Hormazd served against Persia in the army of the Roman emperor Julian (361-363); (Updated: Aug, 21, 2010)

English-Persian Glossary
  • Shapour 2 : شاپور دوم(Shahpur II Zolaktaf,Shapour II) شاهپور 2 ذوالاکتاف Media_Files
  • Hormazd 2 : هرمزد دوم Media_Files
  • Sassanid : ساساني(Sasanian) Media_Files
  • Persian : فارسي(Farsi,Parsi) ايراني پارسي Media_Files
  • Shapour : شاپور(Shapur,Shahpur) شاهپور Media_Files
  • Hormazd : هرمزد(Hormizd) Media_Files
  • Persia : ايران Media_Files
  • Roman : رومي Media_Files
  • Narsi : نارسي-نارسه(Narseh)

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