The Iranian History 388 AD


Bahram IV Becomes King

Mar, 11, 388 AD

Nana Maryam Church UrmiaAfter the death of Shapour 3, Bahram 4 his brother( or his son according to some accounts) ascended the Sassanid throne. Because Bahram IV used to be the governor of Kerman, his was known as Kermanshah meaning king of Kerman (not to be confused with the city of Kermanshah)
He signed a peace treaty with Romans that ratified division of Armenia in 395 AD. The western part of Armenia remained under Roman procession while the Eastern part was under Iranian realm but rulers of both sides were vassal Parthian kings. Bahram IV made some changes in the structure of the Iranian army. One of his major decisions was to designate Kabul as the garrison for the third Iranian army. There were further conflicts between Byzantine Empire and Iran until the end of Sassanid Empire but the treaty remained more or less in effect.
During Bahram IV's reign, king Khosrau of Iranian Armenia revolted after the Romans gave him the Roman Armenia. The Sassanid king sent a army to Armenia who briefly defeated Khosrau and took him prisoner. Khosrau was imprisoned in Faramoushi Castle. Bahram IV appointed his brother Shapour as the king of Armenia.
In 399, some elite generals revolted against him and he was killed in an ambush by an arrow that cut his throat. After his death, Yazdgerd I, son of Shapour became king. (Updated: Apr, 14, 2010)

English-Persian Glossary
  • Iranian Army : ارتش ايران Media_Files
  • Kermanshah : کرمانشاه(Bakhtaran) باختران Media_Files
  • Shapour 3 : شاپور سوم(Shapur III) Media_Files
  • Byzantine : وابسته به روم شرقي Media_Files
  • Sassanid : ساساني(Sasanian) Media_Files
  • Parthian : اشکاني پارتي Media_Files
  • Yazdgerd : يزدگرد(Izdekerti,Yazdegerd,Isdigerd) Media_Files
  • Bahram 4 : بهرام چهارم
  • Khosrau : خسرو(Osores,Khosro) Media_Files
  • Armenia : ارمنستان(Armanestan,Armenistan) Media_Files
  • Iranian : ايراني‌ اهل‌ ايران‌ ، وابسته‌به‌ ايران‌ Media_Files
  • Shapour : شاپور(Shapur,Shahpur) شاهپور Media_Files
  • Kerman : کرمان(Carmania, Kermania) Media_Files
  • Roman : رومي Media_Files
  • Kabul : کابل(Kabol) Media_Files
  • Iran : ايران Media_Files

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