The Iranian History 519 AD


Khosrau Anoushirvan Becomes Crown Prince

Mar, 23, 519 AD

Map Khosrau Palace GhasreshirinThe Sassanid king Ghobad announced his third son Khosrau Anoushirvan crown prince as his successor. Despite the fact that he had 2 elder sons, he pointed out that Anoushirvan was the most suitable for the task. His other son, Kavoos was appointed as the governor of Tabarestan. Ghobad's other son was half blind.
Only 4 years earlier Ghobad had announced great economic reforms for farmers' welfare such as decreasing taxes and building dams under influence of Mazdak teachings. Mazdakism was suppressed in the 6th century by Persian nobles and Zoroastrian clergy who objected to its tenets concerning the common holding of property and women, but it survived in secret until the 8th century. The ideology later became foundation of modern socialism. (Updated: Dec, 1, 2007)

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