The Iranian History 551 AD


Tagh-e-Kasra Construction Completed

Mar, 9, 551 AD

Shiraz Barmedelak :Rock Relief of Two Sassanid kings probably Bahram and Shapour during a ceremony at the firealtarTagh-e-Kasra was an addition to the Madaen palace in Tisfun, 36 km south of Baghdad. The construction of this magnificent structure began in 549 by an order from Khosrau Anoushirvan. This eclipical structure is the only roof in the ancient world built with no supporting poles. Underneath, the famous carpet of Baharestan was spread to host the guests of Norooz celebrations.This precious carpet was torn into pieces and distributed among tribal chiefs after the Arab invasion. Tisfun was Iran's capital for 9 centuries. (Updated: Feb, 19, 2009)

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