The Iranian History 579 AD


Syria Taken Back From Romans

Oct, 5, 579 AD

When the king of India sent the chessboard to Sassanid king Khosrau Anoushirvan, Bozorgmehr not only won the Indian ambassador in the game but also invented backgammon. The story is depicted in the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi in Persian poems.In a fierce battle between the Persian and Roman army, Iranians take back Syria causing a heavy toll on the Roman army. On Oct, 6 the count was completed showing 27,000 dead Roman soldiers and 20,000 taken captive. Emperor Justine had been defeated twice before and had appointed General Tiberius as the head of the army. Justine had died exactly one year before the Syria war in solitude.
The Iranian army sent to this battle was comprised of 40,000 cavalry and 100,000 infantry. A celebration took place in Tisfun, the capital on Oct, 14, three weeks after this victory,
The Sassanid king Khosrau Anoushirvan died shortly after the celebrations on Oct, 26. During his time, Iran's borders had reached almost to the extent of the time of Achaemenid Empire. He was given the title "just" for the fact that he not only founded local organizations where people would file complaints, he listened to people's demands personally at the Tisfun palace on a frequent basis. In terms of military discipline, Iranian soldiers who deserted the battlefield were to be punished by being deprived of Iranian nationality. (Updated: Oct, 5, 2008)

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