The Iranian History 623 AD


Muslims Turn From Qods To Mecca

Jul, 25, 623 AD

Hajj Pilgrims perform rituals around holy Mecca in Saudi ArabiaFollowers of Prophet Mohammad used to pray towards Qods until he migrated from Mecca to Medina. The Prophet however, used to perform prayer sermons aligned in a way that Kaaba came in between which was no more possible after migration to Medina.
On Jan, 15, 624, in the middle of noon prayers, Mohammad got a vision and Gabriel turned him towards Kaaba. From that point, the Kiblah, the direction that Muslims turn to in their prayers is toward the Kaaba and symbolizes unity in worshiping one God. A mosque was built in Medina to commemorate this important event which was completed on Jan, 15, 624.
After this event, Muslims separated completely from Jews in their worship. (Updated: Jan, 1, 2010)

English-Persian Glossary
  • Gabriel : جبرئيل
  • Kiblah : قبله(Qibla,ghebleh)
  • Medina : مدينه(Al-Madinah,Madineh)
  • Mecca : مکه(Mekkah,Makkeh) بيت الحرام Media_Files
  • Kaaba : کعبه(Caaba) خانه خدا
  • Qods : قدس( Jerusalem) بيت المقدس، اورشليم,

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