The Iranian History 652 AD


Qaran Resistence Broken Near Herat

Jun, 4, 652 AD

An illustration from Qajar era Iranian painter Darvish Sevrugian from Shahnameh of Ferdowsi. Having received an important letter of their army commander Geshdawz, Giv, Goodarz, Bahram, Farhad and Gorgin meet at Toos to discuss it.Ten years after the Battle of Nahavand in which the Iranian army was crushed by the invading Arab army, all uprisings had been silenced one-by-one. Despite teachings of Quran, Pan-Arab rulers began a systematic assimilation of their new subjects not knowing that Persia was too big a bite to swallow!
Qaran was an Iranian general who succeeded in gathering a considerable group of fighters from Herat, Tabas, Badghis, and Kohestan and staged an uprising against Arab rulers of Khorasan.
As it was the tradition of war and Iranian pride and manhood, Qaran called for battle in the arena. However Arabs offered peace while sending spies to locate their camp. An army headed by Ibn Khazam attacked sinisterly at night while Qaran and his men were asleep.
The Iranians who were unprepared for such a Camisado were caught by surprise and when Qaran tried to fight back, it was too late and he was killed by an arrow in his chest. Consequently, his men were quickly dispersed while many of them were killed or taken slaves.
It should also be noted that the houses of Qaran and Suren were two powerful families in Iran who entered a power struggle towards the end of the Sassanid Empire; this being an important reason behind a disintegrated nation against the invaders, learning bitter lessons. (Updated: Dec, 18, 2010)

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