The Iranian History 879 AD


Divdastian Uprising

May, 28, 879 AD

Teimur Castle ZahedanIran's independence from Caliph rulers did not come easy. Right after people understood that all slogans of brotherhood and justice shouted by Arab invaders were hoax and specially after the Abbasi dynasty drowned into corruption and tyranny, patriotic Iranians from all over the country staged uprisings against the despot rulers that did not tolerate a word against themselves and punished voice of dissent with massacre.
On May, 28, 879 AD, Abolsaj Divdast and his followers rescued Azerbaijan from the Abbasi ruler Al Motamed. This event took place almost simultaneously with similar revolts such as Saffarian movement in south, and Samanian movement in Greater Khorasan. The patriotic conquest of Divdastian lasted for more than half a century and helped in weakening the Caliph rule. Abolsaj's son Mohammad Afshin liberated Armenia and his brother Abolghasem founded the army calling themselves devotees of Iran which succeeded in liberating Qazvin, Zanjan and Rhagae in 902. (Updated: Mar, 9, 2008)

English-Persian Glossary
  • Divdastian : ديودستيان
  • Azerbaijan : آذربايجان(Atropatene) Media_Files
  • Saffarian : صفاريان(Saffarid Dynasty) Media_Files
  • Khorasan : خراسان(Khorassan) Media_Files
  • Samanian : سامانيان(Samanid) Media_Files
  • Motamed : معتمد
  • Divdast : ديودست ابوالساج ديو داد بن ديو دست
  • Armenia : ارمنستان(Armanestan,Armenistan) Media_Files
  • Abolsaj : ابوالساج
  • Afshin : افشين Media_Files
  • Abbasi : عباسي( Abbasid) Media_Files
  • Rhagae : ري(Ray, Rey) شهر ري Media_Files
  • Qazvin : قزوين(Ghazvin, Caspian) کاسپين Media_Files
  • Zanjan : زنجان(Zinjan) Media_Files
  • Arab : عرب
  • Iran : ايران Media_Files

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