The Iranian History 1063 AD


Seljuk Toghrol Dies

Sep, 4, 1063 AD

Toghrol Tower Rhagae is the Mausoleum of Toghrol of Seljuk EmpireToghrol Beyk who was the second ruler of the Seljuk dynasty died in Rhagae. After the death of Mahmoud Ghaznavi, he managed to unite Turcoman tribes and defeated Masood, the last ruler of the Ghaznavi dynasty. His campaign in Khorasan began in 1034 and by 1037 he had captured all of the greater Khorasan. His conquest continued for 18 years in western parts of Iran. Then he defeated the Booyeh family, captured Baghdad and succeeded in extending his borders until Syria and parts of Anatolia during his reign. He married the Caliph's daughter, but he died childless at the age of 72. He was succeeded by his nephew Soleyman who was later contested by his brother Alparslan.
A 12th century monument called Toghrol Tower in south of Tehran is commemorating Toghrol of the Seljuk dynasty. (Updated: Sep, 6, 2008)

English-Persian Glossary
  • Khorasan : خراسان(Khorassan) Media_Files
  • Ghaznavi : غزنوي(Qaznavy) دولت آل ناصر Media_Files
  • Anatolia : آناتولي(Asia Minor,Anadolu,Turkey) ترکيه،آناتولي Media_Files
  • Turcoman : ترکمن(Turkmen,Turkman,Torkaman,Torkman)
  • Toghrol : طغرل سلجوقي(Togrul, Tugrul Beyk,Toghrïl Beg) طغرل بن ارسلان سلجوقي Media_Files
  • Baghdad : بغداد Media_Files
  • Seljuk : سلجوقي(Selchuk) Media_Files
  • Tehran : تهران(Teheran, Tahran) طهران Media_Files
  • Rhagae : ري(Ray, Rey) شهر ري Media_Files
  • Booyeh : بويه(Bouyeh,Buyid Dynasty) آل بويه Media_Files
  • Syria : سوريه Media_Files
  • Iran : ايران Media_Files

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