The Iranian History 1083 AD


Turanshah Becomes King Of Kerman

Oct, 31, 1083 AD

Heydarabad Castle KhashGreat Seljuk's authority extended over other lines which included rulers of Hamedan, Kerman, Syria and Anatolia. Turanshah from the Seljuk dynasty, son of Qavurd proclaimed king of Kerman which covered a vast area stretching down to the Persian Gulf and included Oman. After Alparslan's death, Malekshah claimed the throne. However, his uncle Qavurd did not accept his reign and fought against him. Qavurd thus set up his own kingdom in Kerman province (1041-1073). After Qavurd was killed by Malekshah, in 1073 his son Kermanshah ascended the throne but he died one year later in 1074. Then Qavurd's other son Roknoddin Sultanshah became king. Malekshah launched an attack against him but when they encamped in Bardsir, negotiations took place between envoys from both sides and upon Sultanshah's submission; he was recognized as the king of Kerman for ten years.
After Sultanshah's death, his brother Turanshah proclaimed king. He attacked Fars twice. The second time, he captured Fars. After 13 years of reign, right after his army suppressed a rebellion in Oman, he engaged in a war with Malekshah's army and received a wound of axe which killed him a month later. The Qavurd dynasty ruled for about 150 years. Their last ruler Mohammad abandoned Kerman, which fell into the hands of Malek Dinar in 1088. Kerman was eventually annexed by the Kharazm Empire in 1196.
There is a mosque in Kerman built during Qavurd rule known as Malek Mosque. (Updated: Nov, 3, 2008)

English-Persian Glossary
  • Malek Dinar : ملک دينار(ملک دينارغز)
  • Sultanshah : سلطانشاه
  • Kermanshah : کرمانشاه(Bakhtaran) باختران Media_Files
  • Turanshah : تورانشاه(Tooranshah)
  • Malekshah : ملکشاه(Malik Shah) جلال الدوله مالک شاه
  • Alparslan : آرپ ارسلان
  • Roknoddin : رکن الدين
  • Anatolia : آناتولي(Asia Minor,Anadolu,Turkey) ترکيه،آناتولي Media_Files
  • Bardsir : بردسير
  • Kharazm : خوارزم(Khwarezm,Khawarazm) خوراسميا Media_Files
  • Persian : فارسي(Farsi,Parsi) ايراني پارسي Media_Files
  • Hamedan : همدان(Ecbatana,Hamadan) هکمتانه Media_Files
  • Seljuk : سلجوقي(Selchuk) Media_Files
  • Kerman : کرمان(Carmania, Kermania) Media_Files
  • Qavurd : قوارد(Ghavard, Qavard, Ghawurd)
  • Malek : ملک Media_Files
  • Dinar : دينار Media_Files
  • Syria : سوريه Media_Files
  • Oman : عمان(Umman) Media_Files
  • Fars : فارس Media_Files

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