The Iranian History 1473 AD


Fatih Sultan Mehmet Defeats Uzun Hasan

Aug, 11, 1473 AD

Safavid king Shah Ismaiil's Helmet sits on his armor.He captured Tabriz in 1501 and proclaimed himself shah of Iran, bringing the whole country and portions of modern-day Iraq under his control and proclaimed Shiite faith as the official creed.Sultan Mehmet captured Constantinople in 1453, therefore a longtime dream of many Muslim kings became true while creating one of the most powerful empires of the world. Sultan Mehmet then conquered offshoots of Byzantine Empire including Trebizond thus adding all of the Eastern Black Sea region to his realm. After this victory, the Ak Koyunlu Turcomans leaded by Uzun Hasan lost their most powerful ally.
In 1471, another Uzun Hasan's other ally, the Karamanoghlu was defeated by Sultan Mehmet, thus paving his way to move deeper into Anatolia.
On Aug, 11, 1473, the modern Ottoman army armed with rifles and cannons gave battle to the Ak Koyunlu army near Erzinjan. Uzun Hasan's army which consisted mostly of light cavalry was nearly destroyed in a single day. Ottomans nearly destroyed the power of the Ak Koyunlu in the East and became the sole ruler of Anatolia.
When Uzun Hassan died early in 1478, he was succeeded by his son Khalil Mirza who was defeated by Soltan Yaghub at the Battle of Khoy in July, 1478.
Ak Koyunlu Turcomans were destroyed completely by Shah Ismail in later years. This rise of the Safavid Empire created a new rival for Ottoman Empire in the East. (Updated: Jan, 11, 2010)

English-Persian Glossary
  • Ottoman Empire : امپراتوري عثماني دَوْلَتِ عَلِيّه? عُثمَانِيّه
  • Sultan Mehmet : سلطان محمد(Fatih Sultan Mehmet,Mehmed II,Mehmed the Conqueror)
  • Soltan Yaghub : سلطان يعقوب
  • Karamanoghlu : قهرمان اوغلي
  • Shah Ismail : شاه اسماعيل(Shah Esmael Safavi) شاه اسماعيل ختايي Media_Files
  • Ak Koyunlu : آق قويونلو(Akkoyunlu) Media_Files
  • Uzun Hasan : اوزون حسن
  • Trebizond : تربيزوند
  • Byzantine : وابسته به روم شرقي Media_Files
  • Anatolia : آناتولي(Asia Minor,Anadolu,Turkey) ترکيه،آناتولي Media_Files
  • Erzinjan : ارزنجان(Erzincan)
  • Ottoman : عثماني(Osmani) Media_Files
  • Safavid : صفوي Media_Files
  • Muslim : مسلمان(Moslem) مسلم‌ Media_Files
  • Sultan : سلطان(Soltan) Media_Files
  • Mirza : ميرزا Media_Files
  • Khoy : خوي Media_Files
  • Shah : شاه پادشاه‌ Media_Files

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