The Iranian History 1478 AD


Ak Koyunlu Clash At The Battle Of Khoy

Jul, 15, 1478 AD

Safavid Shah Tahmasp Flag:  The Safavid dynasty was a descendent of Ak Koyunlu (White Sheep) tribeOn July,15, 1478, in the Battle of Khoy, Khalil Mirza was killed and his forces dispersed by the confederated forces of Soltan Yaghub, who then took the Ak Koyunlu throne. Soltan Yaghub reigned from 1478 to 1490. He succeeded in sustaining the Ak Koyunlu dynasty for a while longer. However, during the first four years of his reign there were seven pretenders to the throne that were put down. Following Soltan Yaghub's death, civl war erupted, the Ak Koyunlu destroyed themselves from within, and they ceased to be a threat to their neighbours. (Updated: Jan, 11, 2010)

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