The Iranian History 1524 AD


Shah Ismail Safavi Dies

May, 23, 1524 AD

City of Isfahan Safavid era 33 Pol bridge on a snowy dayShah Ismail, the founder of the great Safavi dynasty died after 23 years of reign. He reunited Iran under one central government and extended the borders almost to the same extent of the Sassanid empire. He announced 12 imam Shiite faith as Iran's official religion. He was a great warrior but did not think of firearms as manly and considered cannons and rifles as cowardly. That was the main reason behind his defeat against the Ottomans at the battle of Chaldoran after which he became depressed and did not forget this event until his death. The Safavi dynasty reigned for 235 years in Iran 1501 until 1736. (Updated: Apr, 4, 2008)

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