The Iranian History 1552 AD


Ottomans Attack Hormoz Island

Jul, 8, 1552 AD

Isfahan Menarjonban or shaking minarets a great architectural achievement of Safavi eraThe expansionist Ottoman empire in a power struggle with the Europeans attacked the Portuguese units in the Hormoz Island in the Persian Gulf. Iran's army's lack of firearms caused visible inferiority in battles 40 years after the Chaldoran war which was lost for the same reason. Iran's lack of naval units also had ended with Portuguese takeover of the Hormoz Island in 1507. The Ottomans' expansion in the Arabic Peninsula resulted in capturing Yemen in 1546. Hormoz Island is located in a key strategic point that make it precious for both military and economic reasons. The Ottomans' attack on Hormoz ended in defeat and the island remained under Portuguese occupation until taken back in 1621 during Shah Abbas' reign. Ottomans sided with Germans during World War I which gave the allied forces a pretext to divide the Middle East in 1940's. Turkey, the last remaining piece of the Ottoman empire still uses the fake name Basra for the Persian Gulf as a result of British divide and rule policy. (Updated: Apr, 4, 2008)

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