The Iranian History 1607 AD


Darband, Baku, Shamakhi Recovered

Jul, 26, 1607 AD

Sassanid era Ghaledokhtar (Maiden Tower) in Baku / Azarbaijan. Also known as Qiz Qalesi or Kiz Kulesi in Turkish, the structure had been target of many invasions and it was almost destroyed defending against Russian cannons in 1723.While peace negotiations between Iranians and Ottomans were in progress Shah Abbas decided to gain more bargaining chips and show Sultan Ahmet that he seriously wanted the Persian territory back, therefore he continued his Greater Azarbaijan campaign and took Shamakhi, the capital of Shirvan under siege. While Shamakhi Castle resisted, Castles of Baku and Darband surrendered willingly without any bloodshed. Lives of the Ottoman soldiers were spared.
Finally on July, 26, 1607 Shamakhi Castle was conquered with lots of blood and casualties on both sides. Because of great atrocities and oppression caused by Ottoman rulers on people, citizens of Shamakhi used the opportunity to take their revenge and killed lots of Turkish soldiers during the battle, a killing spree that did not stop even after the battle.
A considerable booty was recovered from Shamakhi, including 150 big and 500 small cannons and 6000 rifles. The Ottoman Beylerbeygi or governor, Ahmet Pasha was forgiven but his high ranking officer Shamseddin Pasha, together with his brother and his son were taken captive and given to Malek Ali Sultan; the notorious head of Zendekharan or alive-eaters. Shah Abbas used them to create fear among his enemies. (Updated: Nov, 22, 2011)

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