The Iranian History 1639 AD


Treaty of Ghasreshirin

May, 17, 1639 AD

Safavid era Shah Abbas Mosque in Ganjeh, modern Azarbaijan. The photo is from late 19th century and the minarets have been destroyed under the Soviet rule as part of assimilation of ethnic minorities.The Treaty of Ghasreshirin was an accord signed between Safavid Empire and the Ottoman Empire on May 17, 1639. The accord ended the war that had begun in 1623 and was the last conflict in almost 150 years of intermittent wars between the two states over territorial disputes. The treaty divided territories in the Middle East by granting Erivan in the southern Caucasus to Iran and all of Mesopotamia (including Baghdad) to the Ottomans. Nevertheless, border disputes between Persia and the Ottoman Empire did not end.
Between 1555 and 1918, Persia and the Ottomans signed no less than 18 treaties that would re-address their disputed borders. The exact demarcation according to this treaty would not begin until the 19th century, essentially laying out the rough outline for the frontier between modern day Iran and the states of Turkey and Iraq (the former Ottoman-Persian border until 1918, when the Ottoman Empire lost its territories in the Middle East following their defeat in World War I. (Updated: Sep, 1, 2011)

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