The Iranian History 1699 AD


The Return Of Mir Weis Khan To Ghandahar

Nov, 19, 1699 AD

Landscape View of IsfahanMir Weis Khan, the leader of one of the Ghilzai clans returned home after visiting the Persian court in Isfahan. The Sunni Pashtun tribes were under constant pressure by the Safavids to convert to Shiite. Mir Weis incited a rebellion against Safavid dynasty to be suppressed by Gurgin Khan; a Georgian who had just become Muslim. After he was sent to exile in 1689, but he played a trick and managed to visit Mecca and get Sunni leaders approval (fatwa) to fight against Shiite Safavids. After returning to Kandahar he killed Gurgin Khan and gained control of the city and stayed in power until his death in 1715. His son Mir Mahmoud Hotaki as his successor managed to conquer the Persian Empire. (Updated: Feb, 8, 2008)

English-Persian Glossary
  • Mir Weis Khan : مير ويس خان(Mirwais Khan Hotaki)
  • Ghandahar : قندهار(Kandahar, Kandehar, Kandihar, Gandhara) Media_Files
  • Kandahar : قندهار
  • Ghilzai : قلزاي(Ghaljis,Gharzais) غرزي
  • Persian : فارسي(Farsi,Parsi) ايراني پارسي Media_Files
  • Isfahan : اصفهان(Esfahan, Sepahan,Esparan) اسپه دانه، اسپهان Media_Files
  • Safavid : صفوي Media_Files
  • Pashtun : پشتون
  • Muslim : مسلمان(Moslem) مسلم‌ Media_Files
  • Gurgin : گرگين(Gorgin)
  • Hotaki : هتاکي Media_Files
  • Shiite : شيعه(Shia, Shi'a) Media_Files
  • Sunni : سني(Sonni)
  • Mecca : مکه(Mekkah,Makkeh) بيت الحرام Media_Files
  • Khan : خان Media_Files
  • Mir : مير Media_Files

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