The Iranian History 1715 AD


Persian Ambassador In Paris

Feb, 7, 1715 AD

Painting shows Safavid Ambassador of Persia at the court of Louis XIV of France on Feb, 19, 1715. Wishing to reinforce exchanges with France, Shah Hossein sent an Embassy led by Mohammad Reza Beg.The first Persian embassy to Europe (1599-1602) was dispatched by Shah Abbas 1st in 1599. The mission was to obtain an alliance against the Ottoman Empire. These Persian efforts at rapprochement with Europe followed the Persian defeat against the Ottoman Empire in the Ottoman - Safavid War 1578-1590.
Safavid king Shah Hossein dispatched an embassy leaded by Mohammad Reza Bey to France in order to improve trade ties. The mission's arrival in Pairs on Feb, 7, 1715 was such a spectacle for the French. King of France, Louis XIV received the Persian embassy in Versailles on Feb, 19 and after long negotiations, a treaty was signed on Aug, 13, 1715.
As a result of the diplomatic mission, a permanent Persian consulate was established in Marseille, the main French Mediterranean port for the trade with the East.
In Paris, Mohammad Reza Bey fell in love with a 17 year old girl and left her pregnant and his mission turned into a scandal. Such ethical fiasco became typical of the Safavid royal court at the verge of its fall. (Updated: Oct, 17, 2011)

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