The Iranian History 1728 AD


Nader Begins Ariana Expedition

Jul, 27, 1728 AD

Artist rendering of Nader Shah Afshar by Reza ForouziOn July, 27, 1728, Nader Shah set out upon an expedition against the Afghan warlords, who had penetrated into Khorasan. He took the Behadin fortress in Sep, 9th and captured Sancan castle on 22nd when he heard the news of 7-8 thousand Afghan soldiers marching from Herat. Nader Shah used this opportunity to exercise his whole army by turns after placing his forces behind strong entrenchments and playing with the enemy for four days. Then he made a general attack: the shock was violent; and the enemy, who was too exhausted to fight, fled in confusion to Herat. When he returned to Mashhad, the news of the victory greatly increased his glory.
Nader's expedition to Herat began on Apr, 24, 1929. After setting a siege on the city, as usual he charged at the head of his cavalry to open passages to the city but he refrained from using artillery in order not to cause damages. Herat, a historical city of greater Khorasan had been plundered by Chengiz and Teimur. When Allahyar, the governor lost hopes of receiving support, accompanied with his chiefs, he went to Nader's tent and made solemn vows of subjection and obedience. Nader accepted their offers and returned to Mashhad.
Meanwhile Ashraf, a cousin of the tyrant Mahmoud Ghandahari reigned in Isfahan. (Updated: Jul, 27, 2010)

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