The Iranian History 1731 AD


Sultan Tahmasp 2. Defeated By Ottomans

Sep, 15, 1731 AD

A miniature painting shows Ottoman Victory over Safavid ruler and capturing of Nakhjevan ذغ Sultan Suleyman forces. Caucasia was the scene of endless wars between Iran and Ottoman Empire.In Nader's absence, Shah Tahmasp 2 decided to gain his part of the glory and attempted an unsuccessful attack on Erivan in March 1731. Without success, on his way back, he was intercepted by an Ottoman army who inflicted heavy loss on the Iranian army on Sep, 15th. Commanded by Ali Pasha, the Ottomans captured all his artillery and supplies. The Shah retreated to Isfahan while the Ottomans retook Hamedan on Sep, 18, Urmia on Nov, 15 and Tabriz on Dec, 4th.
Then the Ottomans entered negotiations with the Shah by which Erivan, Ganjeh, Tbilisi, Nakhjevan, Daghestan, and Shirvan were to remain under the Ottoman control. The river Aras was to become the boundary between the two states in north and the Ottomans were to give back the cities of Tabriz, Urmia, and Hamedan.
Iranians were unhappy with the agreement because large Iranian territories had been left in Ottoman hands. Nader cut his mission in Herat and returned to Isfahan and dethroned Tahmasp in favor of his infant son. The deposed Shah was then sent to Khorasan on July, 7, 1732. (Updated: Aug, 21, 2010)

English-Persian Glossary
  • Iranian Army : ارتش ايران Media_Files
  • Nakhjevan : نخجوان(Nahchivan, Nahjevan, Nakhichevan) Media_Files
  • Daghestan : داغستان(Dagestan, Daghistan)
  • Khorasan : خراسان(Khorassan) Media_Files
  • Tahmasp : تهماسپ(Tahmasb) طهماسب
  • Shirvan : شيروان(Shervan,Sherwan) شروان Media_Files
  • Ottoman : عثماني(Osmani) Media_Files
  • Tbilisi : تبليس(Tiflis,Teflis) تفليس
  • Iranian : ايراني‌ اهل‌ ايران‌ ، وابسته‌به‌ ايران‌ Media_Files
  • Isfahan : اصفهان(Esfahan, Sepahan,Esparan) اسپه دانه، اسپهان Media_Files
  • Hamedan : همدان(Ecbatana,Hamadan) هکمتانه Media_Files
  • Sultan : سلطان(Soltan) Media_Files
  • Tabriz : تبريز(Tebriz) Media_Files
  • Erivan : اريوان(Yerevan,Iravan) Media_Files
  • Ganjeh : گنجه(Ganja) Media_Files
  • Urmia : اروميه(Urmiya, Orumiyeh, Orumieh,Urma) Media_Files
  • Herat : هرات(Areia) Media_Files
  • Aras : ارس(Araks,Araz,Aras River,Araxes) رود ارس
  • Shah : شاه پادشاه‌ Media_Files

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