The Iranian History 1736 AD


Nader Ascends The Throne

Feb, 26, 1736 AD

Nader Shah Afshar/Naderi ThroneNader was ruling Iran as the regent of the young king Abbas who passed away at the time when Nader had restored the kingdom of Persia to its former splendor. Noblemen from all over the country were invited to a meeting in Moghan on Jan, 12, 1936 to decide on the faith of the country. Thus Nader was elected the king and his coronation ceremony was celebrated with all the magnificence, that the riches of the east could supply on Feb, 26.
Ambassadors were dispatched to the courts of Russia and Ottomans to inform them of his elevation to the Persian throne.
Precious presents with a letter containing the most amicable proposals, and expressing a desire to establish a lasting peace between the two empires was sent to the Turkish court. Nader did not want to engage in a war when rebels were gathering strength in Kandahar, and while several revolts were breaking out in different parts of the empire. (Updated: Aug, 23, 2008)

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