The Iranian History 1738 AD


Jalalabad Surrenders

Aug, 10, 1738 AD

The 183 karats Daryayenoor (ocean of light) pink diamond is the twin of the Koohenoor (mountain of light) and one of the oldest known jewels in the world. Plunered by Teimur, it was retrieved by Nader Shah in 1739 from India.After it was found out that the Indian court ruled by Mohammad Gurkani, did not refrain from supplying a safe heaven for the Afghan fugitives that were responsible for massacre of many civilians, Nader Shah was irritated by of indifference of his perfidious ally, then he marched towards Gazna, the capital of Zabolestan. The city submitted with no resistance. Then he marched towards Kabul while his son Nasrollah made an excursion into Bamyan. After bold resistance against a continued fire of several days, Kabul surrendered at discretion. The Iranian army encamped in the plains of Kabul till the middle of June waiting for an answer for a letter sent to Mohammad describing the events and consequences of harboring enemies of Iranians. Bad news arrived; that the governor of Jalalabad put the Persian envoy to death. Nader encamped near Jalalabad on July, 28. A body of Iranian army was detached from against Jalalabad on Aug, 10 the entered the city without resistance. The governor retreated to a fortress where he was captured and killed.
On Sep, 29, 1738 Nader Shah's son Reza Gholi was appointed Regent and was permitted to wear a diadem. Later, another piece of bad news came about his brother Zoheireddoleh who was killed while fighting bandits in Caucasia. Brother, Troops were sent to avenge his brother's death and he led his army towards the Lahore which surrendered peacefully. Meanwhile Mohammad Gurkani was preparing to obstruct the progress of these victorious invaders. (Updated: Aug, 25, 2008)

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