The Iranian History 1744 AD


The Siege Of Kars

Jul, 31, 1744 AD

A portrait of Nader Shah Afshar by Bahram Naghash-Bashi. A horse and the mountains are visible in the back.Nader Shah was born in Dastgerd into a clan of the Afshars, a semi-nomadic Qizilbash tribe in Khorasan.A Turkish commander in charge of Kars started sending circular letters to principal officers of Iran, inciting them to revolt under the flags of a puppet prince who pretended to be the true heir of Persia. This person was kept in the Ottoman court for several years and as Ottomans did not find the courage to counter Iranian army directly, they started such propaganda in order to weaken Nader's army who had already started a new expedition to Baghdad, Mosul and Kerkuk. The letters were brought to Nader, who immediately led his army towards Kars, where he arrived at the end of July.
The governor of Kars refused to surrender, and Nader Shah made a weak attempt to bombard the citadel, but the next day accepted the governor’s offer to give the Ottoman court notice of his situation and press them to conclude a peace; upon which he left one of his generals to blockade the city, and retired into winter quarters.
After a while, both sides understood that a decisive victory was impossible and communications began to reach a settlement. An agreement was hammered on Sep, 4, 1946 between Iran and the Ottoman Empire by which the Ghasreshirin Treaty boundaries were restored without change.

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English-Persian Glossary
  • Ghasreshirin : قصر شيرين(Qasr-e-shirin) Media_Files
  • Iranian Army : ارتش ايران Media_Files
  • Nader Shah : نادر شاه(Naderkuli, Nadergholi) نادرقلي افشار Media_Files
  • Ottoman : عثماني(Osmani) Media_Files
  • Iranian : ايراني‌ اهل‌ ايران‌ ، وابسته‌به‌ ايران‌ Media_Files
  • Baghdad : بغداد Media_Files
  • Persia : ايران Media_Files
  • Kerkuk : کرکوک(Kirkuk, Karkuk)
  • Mosul : موصل
  • Iran : ايران Media_Files
  • Kars : کارس قارص
  • Shah : شاه پادشاه‌ Media_Files

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