The Iranian History 1789 AD


Sayed Morad Proclaims Shah Of Persia

Jan, 23, 1789 AD

Colorful glassworks decorate a hall at Shiraz Karimkhan Zand Arc 2010Right after the murder of Jafar Khan on Jan, 23, 1789, Sayed Morad Khan ascended the Zand throne as the 8th king of the Zand Dynasty. Morad was a nephew of Karimkhan and the son of Khoda Morad Khan. It was a time when there were many proclaiming Shah in every corner of Iran.
Sayed Morad Khan had been governor of Shiraz but he was later confined with his family and, according to one account beaten on Jafar Khan's orders in an effort to force him to give up his wealth. After Jafar Khan's death rumors surfaced that he was poisoned by a maid who was bribed by Sayed Morad Khan. According to this conspiracy theory, the weakened shah was killed and decapitated.
Sayed Morad's reign did not last long. He was overthrown by Lotfali Khan; Jafar Khan's son, who marched to Shiraz and captured the citadel on May, 10, 1789. Sayed Morad was executed on the spot.
Lotfali Khan's life passed in battles against Agha Mohammad Khan from Qajar tribe. (Updated: Jan, 23, 2012)

Lotfali Khan Becomes Last Zand King

May, 10, 1789 AD

Tehran Bazaar Lotfali Khan Zand Tomb : The place is not in shape and the signs directing to a museum are fake.Lotfali Khan, Jafar Khan's son ascends the throne on May, 10, 1789 after defeating Seyyed Morad Khan. Thus he became the last king of the Zand dynasty. The young Lotfali Khan was not capable of fighting against Agha Mohammad Khan's army. After he was betrayed in Shiraz, he took refuge in Bushehr. He resisted desperately in a losing battle against the Qajar army until he captured Kerman in 1794. Kerman resisted for six months under the siege. Finally, he escaped to Bam in order to minimize civilian casualties. But when Kerman fell to the Qajar army, Agha Mohammad Khan ordered 20,000 eyeballs removed and sold Kerman's women and children into slavery.
Lotfali Khan was betrayed again and was finally captured in Bam. He was sent to Tehran where he was tortured and strangled to death. Agha Mohammad Khan thus took his revenge from the Zand dynasty and started the notorious Qajar dynasty. (Updated: May, 30, 2009)

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