The Iranian History 1797 AD


Agha Mohammad Khan Murdered

Jun, 17, 1797 AD

Old Persian Mullahs: Muslim PriestsIn 1791 and 1795, Agha Mohammad Khan marched into Georgia to recover one of the richest provinces of the Safavid dynasty. With the pretext that Georgia sought Russian protection, Catherine the Great responded in 1796 by sending an expedition. Agha Mohammad Khan was on his way to Georgia when he camped in Shusha. The story goes that he ate half of a melon and ordered his servants to keep the rest for him. Later that night, one of his servants ate the melon by mistake. Afraid of the cruel Qajar king's anger, the servants stabbed him to death in his sleep; thus putting an end to Agha Mohammad Khan's 16 years of reign over Iran. He was succeeded by his nephew, Fathali Shah Qajar.
Iran's relations with Russia were among the toughest problems that the next Qajar kings had to face. In that, they sought French and British help but had to sacrifice much more than they could get just to stay in power. (Updated: Sep, 15, 2008)

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