The Iranian History 1878 AD


Iran Joins International Postal Union

Oct, 16, 1878 AD

A collection of Qajar postal stampsAfter Naseroddin Shah returned from Europe, he ordered Mirza Alikhan Aminolmolk who was the minister in charge to employ a committee of Austrians in order to make necessary reforms in postal services. Despite having the oldest post system in the world, Iran went backwards in terms of public services during Qajar dynasty. Soon afterwards, the couriers became mobilized and postal deliveries were faster. Three years later, a Russian was put in charge of Iran's Chaparkhaneh and Iran was admitted into the International Postal Union on Oct, 16, 1878.
After Naseroddin Shah's assassination, a Belgian committee was put in charge of Iran's postal services. (Updated: Dec, 9, 2008)

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