The Iranian History 1929 AD


German Company Acquires Air Postal Concessions

Apr, 27, 1929 AD

Tehran Ghaleh Morghi Airbase 1923-1924. F13 Junkers were first airplanes sent to Iran. The man standing is Colonel Ahmad Khan Nakhjevan. These planes mostly used for air transportation between Tehran and other major cities operated under Junkers Company.On April, 27, 1929, Majlis approved a bill according to which the Minister of Post and Telegraph was authorized to award air transportation between Tehran and Mashhad to Junkers Company. Iran's first agreement with this German company dates back to 1922 when some aircrafts were imported to serve between Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Anzali, and Bushehr. The office of the Junkers Company was registered in Tehran under the military organization.
On April, 11, 1931, the Ministry of War was authorized by the cabinet of ministers to communicate with the Junkers Company in order to found an aviation school. To provide technical staff, the company accepted to send a number of students to Germany at its own expenses for training.
In 1933, the Nazi Germany forced Junkers to shift away from civil aircraft types and started producing small military airplanes. Following the WWII, Iran was occupied by Allied Powers. Reza Shah was dethroned and sent to exile in 1941. Iran was forced to declare war on Germany on Sep, 9, 1943, thus a period of fruitful constructive developments that was triggered by German know-how came to an end. (Updated: Oct, 15, 2009)

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