The Iranian History 1957 AD


PM Ala Resigns Over Murders

Apr, 1, 1957 AD

Bagheshah/Hor Square 1957Prime Minister Hossein Ala submitted his resignation following murder of three Americans in Baluchestan.
The attack took place in the southeastern city of Iranshahr on March, 24, 1957. Two Americans and their Iranian drivers were killed in an ambush and an American woman named Anita Carroll was kidnapped. A manhunt in the barren region started for Daad Shah, a rebel who was responsible for the killings. A day after Mohammad Reza Shah assured amnesty for Daad Shah in exchange for safe return of the American hostage, Hossein Ala resigned when bad news arrived indicating that banits had escaped a trap made by the police.
An experienced army officer, General Jahanbani was appointed to resolve the issue. Instead of deploying troops to the region that would have been too costly and risky, Jahanbani made a secret deal with friendly tribal chiefs in the region for the bandit's head.
Finally, Daad Shah was reported dead on April, 3. On April, 9, his brother Ahmad confessed that Anita Carroll was killed the day after she was kidnapped.
Manouchehr Eghbal succeeded Hossein Ala as Prime Minister. (Updated: Nov, 20, 2009)

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