The Iranian History 1983 AD


Bahai Followers Executed

Jun, 18, 1983 AD

Mona Mahmoudnejad Bahai VictimMona Mahmoudnejad was among 10 Bahai women who were executed at the Chowgun Square In Shiraz in June, 1983. Born on Sep, 10, 1965, she was 16 when she was arrested on Oct, 22, 1982. For her beliefs as a Bahai follower, she was mistreated in prison. Mona was asked to repent and change her religion but she refused.
The judge accused her as an active Bahai follower with connections to Beytoladl center located in Israel. According to the Sharia law in IRI, any religious activities including gatherings, preaching for Bahai faith is considered criminal, Although there were not any proof of Mona's foreign connection, the judge argued that Bahai followers were acting against IRI for not participating in political activities such as general elections.
There are no records related to Mona's defense. It's been reported that lawyers were under pressure not to accept Bahai cases. At the time of her execution, on June, 18, Mona Mahmoudnejad was only 17.
Despite the facts that Quran clearly defends freedom of religion and that Bahais are known to be peaceful, IRI authorities have been violators of basic human rights in ignorance. (Updated: Jun, 27, 2009)

English-Persian Glossary
  • Chowgun Square : ميدان چوگان
  • Beytoladl : بيت العدل
  • Chowgun : چوگان Media_Files
  • Shiraz : شيراز تيرازيس Media_Files
  • Sharia : شرع(shariah, shariat)
  • Israel : اسراييل فلسطين اشغالي Media_Files
  • Quran : قرآن(Koran,Qoran,Ghoran) Media_Files
  • Bahai : بهايي(Bahayi) Media_Files
  • IRI : جمهوري اسلامي ايران(I.R.I.) Media_Files

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