The Iranian History 1985 AD


Ayatollah Khamenei Re-Elected President

Aug, 16, 1985 AD

Ayatollah Khamenei Ashura Mourning4th presidential election: Of 50 nominees for the presidential race, only 47 were disqualified. Of 25,993,802 Iranians eligible to vote 14,089,468 people participated in the election marking a comparatively low %54.2 participation rate. Mr. Khamenei leaded the election with %85.66 of the votes. He did not make many changes in his cabinet and Mr. Mousavi continued his job as the prime minister. He resigned on Aug, 16, 1989 from presidency and became Iran's supreme leader, thus taking the place of Ayatollah Khomeini after his death. (Updated: Jan, 30, 2008)

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