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Bomb Explosion In Imam Reza Shrine

Jun, 20, 1994 AD

Imam Reza Shrine 1930sA bomb exploded at the Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad killing 24 and injuring another 70 persons. The bomb went off in a prayer hall of the shrine during Ashura ceremonies.
Imam Reza is the 8th of the 12 Imams that make the backbone of the Shiite faith. The attack was quickly blamed on the outlaw MKO terrorist group and an unverified declaration by MKO stated that the bombing was carried out to commemorate the anniversary of the group's foundation on June 20, 1981.
In March 27, 1995 Pakistan reported having identified a religious fanatic who was responsible for the massive bomb explosion at the shrine.
Some years later, findings revealed traces of Saeed Emami, a leading information officer for the ministry of information in the incident. Emami was arrested and charged with some similar events including assassination of dissident leaders including Forouhar. But his mysterious death or suicide in prison left many questions unanswered. Emami's team was quickly labeled as enemy infiltrators.
Same year, an attempt on President Rafsanjani's life was reported in February. (Updated: Feb, 6, 2008)

Iran Blamed For Bombing In Argentina

Jul, 18, 1994 AD

The icons of the American Civil War are on display in a collection of Stamps atTehran ICT Museum. Iran founded the most ancient postal services in the world since the time of the Achaemenid king Dariush the Great.A bomb destroyed the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires killing 85 and wounding more than 200 on July, 18. The van used in the attack was altered with parts of other vehicles to build a better bomb. To direct the full force of the blast, an interior side of the van was reinforced with steel bags of earth. The van was parked two blocks from the bombing site before the Monday morning blast. A tip from Israel warned of a second attack that created panic and was followed by a state of emergency.
Argentina officials quickly blamed the attack on Iran with no credible evidence. Iran categorically denied all such claims which originated from Zionist officials. Tehran condemned terrorism in all its forms, regretted the killings in the bombing and offered intelligence and forensic assistance in the investigation.
But things became more complicated when a dissident Iranian diplomat in Caracas who sought political asylum in Venezuela was questioned by Argentine authorities about the Buenos Aires bombing. Tehran denied that the man was in any ways related to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Iranian officials called this plot designed to embarrass Iran.
A little known Islamic organization called the Partisans of God claimed responsibility. On July, 28, after two car bombs exploded in London, one outside the Israeli Embassy, the other outside a Jewish fund-raising group, injuring 20 people. In a possibly related attack, American and Israeli diplomats strongly suggested that Iran-backed Hezbollah was responsible for the incident.
Some officials hint that attacks may have been reprisals for an Israeli bloody raids on Hezbollah bases in southern Lebanon on June,1, reportedly killing more than 30 guerrillas and leaving at least 60 others wounded.
The state-run media in Tehran asserted that Israel had staged the bombings using intimidating, revolting and sensationalizing methods to bring the power of the United States and Western Europe against Iran.
In 2003, a judge issued warrants for the arrest of 12 Iranians in relation to the attack including Hadi Soleimanpour, Iran's ambassador to Argentina at the time of the bombing. In 2007, Interpol, approved arrest warrants issued by Argentina for five prominent Iranians sparking a diplomatic row between Tehran and Buenos Aires. (Updated: Apr, 21, 2009)

Aseman Air Crash Kills 66

Oct, 12, 1994 AD

Tehran Sep, 2011 Aseman Airlines Fokker - 100 passes by the Milad Tower and the Alborz Mountains in the background.Aseman Airlines operates scheduled domestic and regional flights within the Persian Gulf area, as well as charter and air taxi services.Iran Aseman Airlines Flight 746 was a Fokker F-28 flight that operated on the Isfahan-Tehran route. The flight crashed near the town of Natanz on October 12, 1994, killing all the passengers and crew members.
On October 12, 1994, the flight took off from the Isfahan International Airport towards the Mehrabad Airport of Tehran. Flight 746 had 59 passengers and seven crew members on board but 35 minutes after the take-off, both engines lost power and shut down. The aircraft went into an un-controlled descent. 47 seconds later Flight 746 crashed into the side of a mountain and exploded. The wreckage was found over an area of 300 sq. meters near the town of Natanz. All 66 passengers and crew died in the crash.
It was later assessed that the aircraft crashed after both engines flamed out due to contaminated fuel. (Updated: Feb, 25, 2012)

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